A book by Nathan Latka “How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital”


Nathan Latka is a successful college dropout, who effectively wrote the 4-hour workweek for getting rich.

Rich people get rich by breaking these 4 rules.

Rule number one: focus on ONE thing. The problem is: something can happen and you’re out of business the next day. That’s TOO risky. Instead, you should be working on 3 projects at any time.

Rule number two: be original. Trying to come up with new ideas is sexy, but it’s also risky. Instead, let others test the markets and educate the customers for you.

Rule number three: set goals. Don’t! Because once you reach them, you will lose your motivation.

And rule number four: go where the gold is. No, don’t JOIN the miners… sell pick-axes to them. Everybody rushes to the next hot thing, which becomes too competitive. Instead, sell them tools and services.
And now… go break some rules of your own!

Nathan Latka

Book Author

Nathan Latka is the principal of private equity firm Latka Capital; executive producer and host of “The Top Entrepreneurs” podcast with 10m downloads; and CEO at two companies he’s recently purchased.

He is also the star of the hit Facebook Watch show “Latka’s Money” (more than one million viewers tune in every episode). He is the founder of the software company Heyo. How to be A Capitalist Without Any Capital is his first book.

More about the author at book.nathanlatka.com