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In Brian Moran and Michael Lennington’s “The 12-week year”, the big idea is that we can accomplish annual goals not in 12 months, but in just 12 weeks!

This idea came through the observation that a typical business goes through a spurt of productivity at the beginning of a year, then a lull, and finally another spurt as the year comes to an end.

What if, instead of planning for 12 months, you were planning for 12 WEEKS?  You wouldn’t have time to let up and go into a lull because the end was always looming.  It would be like you’re constantly sprinting!


So how can you achieve your goals in 12 weeks instead of 12 months? You have to Own your results without excuses, Plan the important actions that will get you there, and keep Score of your execution.

First: Own the results. Set a clear goal and commit to it.  “In 12 weeks, I will grow sales by 20%”  And to make sure you’re committed, make it especially painful if you fail … “or I will donate $10,000 to a cause I’m very much against.”

Next – and perhaps this is the most important part – Plan your actions.  Break up your goal into very specific steps.  For each week, create a list of things you HAVE to accomplish in order to stay on track.  This ‘planning ahead’ will also save you a lot of time, so you’re not paralyzed at the beginning of every week thinking “what should I do next…” and “how does it fit into my plan?”

And finally, Score your progress by looking at how many of your actions you completed.

Don’t focus on results because you shouldn’t expect results EVERY week.  Looking at results alone may disappoint you and you’re more likely to quit.  Instead, look at your activity.  The results will come as long as you reach out to 10 people every day rather than looking at how many you actually converted into clients.

Specifically, the authors found that if you achieve 85% or more of your goals you’re in great shape.

Whereas if you achieve less than 65% you’re in trouble.  But not all is lost.  You just need to work on eliminating distractions, and think about tasks from your list that you can automate, delegate, or outsource.  It’s all about becoming more productive in order to scale yourself!


So how much growth are you committing to generate in your business over the next 12 weeks?  What activities do you need to do every week in order to get there?  Commit, plan clearly, and track your activity to make sure you stay the course.

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