As the CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, Tanya Hall has been a long-time publisher advising thought leaders on why they SHOULD write a book, and HOW to get the most out of it.  So she just had to drink her own medicine and write a book of her own!

In “Ideas, Influence, and Income” she offers advice and mini case studies about how to develop your ideas into a book, how to build a platform to reach the right audience, and how to monetize your book “beyond the bookstore”.


What can a book do for YOU?

A book can help you stand out from your competitors.  As a thought leader, you have expertise and insights to share.  But how can you break through the clutter?

A book is the equivalent of a platinum business card in today’s business world.  Anyone can be a consultant, put together workshops and webinars, and share their insights online.  But publishing a book immediately gives you “thought leader” status and recognition.


What does it take to write a book?

The process of writing a book is hard.  It’s like eating an elephant one bite at a time, so you have to break it down into bitable chunks.

A book is typically around 60,000 words.  Now a blog post or even a LinkedIn post is about 700 words.  So if you write 1 article a day 5 days a week, it will take you 4 months to get the first draft of your book.

So it’s all a matter of being disciplined, and setting aside every day a block of time where you write… and nothing else matters, nothing can distract you.


Do I have a good idea for a book?

The process of outlining your book can expose whether your idea is enough to support a book format.  Some ideas should be only a blog post or short video.  And other ideas are better spoken than written if they’re super emotional.

What you want to avoid is having only a couple of chapters of good stuff… and the rest are filler.  Everybody hates that and people will call you out on it.

If you can put together an intriguing outline where each chapter adds significant value – then you have a good book idea.



Writing a book is a journey towards building a business around it. To succeed, you need to think “beyond the bookstore” – once you’ve published your book, what’s next?

Maybe you can connect with speaking bureaus to start getting paid speaking engagements.  Offer online courses or workshops for people to put your lessons into practice.  Or create a membership site, where subscribers access live Q&As and exclusive webinars.  The right team can help you get there!