Hyper Sales Growth… by Jack Daly, a serial entrepreneur who built 6 startups into national organizations, and an inspirational sales coach for the past 20 years.  In this book, he distills his sales philosophy, which boils down to 3 things:

  1. Building a winning culture, where your sales people are actually excited to get to work;
  2. Recruiting the right people; and
  3. Developing trust with clients in order to stand out from the competition.

Build a winning culture

So how do you build a winning culture?  The two main ingredients are: vision and empowering your people.

A magnetic vision will attract the right people and give them a clear direction.  Come up with stories to bring your vision to life.  Plan for an off-site so that everyone can talk about the vision and everyone can get genuinely involved.  Write a company-wide newsletter so that everyone knows what others are working on.  Create a community that everyone feels a part of.  Your people should feel that this is much more than just a job.  Otherwise, if it’s about the money, they will go with the highest-bidder.  And they will never feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

Companies that ‘get’ it are Zappos, Virgin, Netflix, and Southwest Airlines.  They empower their people to make judgment calls on the fly.  They give their people tools, processes, and authority.  Because they need to feel comfortable making decisions as if they were the owner!  Allow for mistakes, motivate people to take charge, make it fun and exciting.  Only then you can get their absolute best, and turn your sales people from employees to fanatical evangelists.

Recruit the right people

How do you hire and develop the right people?  Unfortunately, the top performers are already taken.  So you need a deliberate courting strategy to get them on your team.  Odds are that most of these candidates are happy where they are.  But things change.  And when they do, you want to be there.  You don’t want to compromise.  Because if you give up and hire the B players, it will be so much more difficult to hire the A players later.

And here’s another tip: recruit for skill but hire for attitude.  Success at selling has nothing to do with product, service, strategy, or tactics.  It’s all about the person’s attitude and ambition.  The rest can be taught.  That’s why you can find the right prospects at odd places and you should always be hiring: it could be an air hostess that knows how to put a smile on every passenger’s face, a waiter who can handle the most difficult patrons, or an enthusiastic cab driver.

Stand out from the competition

Finally, your want to stand out from the competition.  Internalize the idea that selling is the transfer of trust.  Your success is not determined by your product and features, but by extracting information from your client, so you can tailor your offering to their needs and help them see how you can really add value.  Stand out by not forcing the sale.  Offer advice and help customers genuinely.  Eventually, you’ll develop trust, which is more important than any feature or service you can offer.


We all know that sales is tough: your day is filled with rejection and objections, and you feel like you’re shoving stuff down people’s throats.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Internalize the idea that you’re providing a highly valued service: your client has many options that look indistinguishable, how can you help them find the right solution and add value to them?  You may not have the right solution, and that’s fine.  Don’t pursue any prospect, only the right ones that truly need you.  Take a helpful approach to build trust; and make sure you have fun along the way.

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