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The big idea behind Stu Heinecke’s “Get the meeting” is that marketers are missing out on a big opportunity by focusing on mass campaigns. Instead of boiling the ocean, you can get MUCH better results by focusing on just 100 clients, who can make a big difference to your business… and connecting with them in highly personalized, creative ways.
This approach is called “contact marketing” and can have response rates of 100%. Compare that to typical ad campaigns that celebrate 0.1% engagement rates.


The biggest problem most businesses face is: access to important people. Let’s say you want to sell your marketing services… How will you stand out above the noise and get noticed by the VP you’re targeting?
Enter “contact marketing,” and here are 3 examples of what it looks like:
A business development rep for an IT outsourcing company took the challenge of handling the 12 accounts that were considered impenetrable. For each one, he researched the CEO’s social media to find out what they’re personally interested in. Then, he hired a local artist to create cartoonish illustrations of these interests. Printed them on a large canvas, mailed them out, and followed up with a phone call to set up a meeting. The result? He connected with ALL 12 accounts!

An insurance company rekindled dormant relationships with outside sales producers by sending cartoons printed on large boards. The insurance company called each producer’s assistant letting them know about the cartoon and giving the fedex tracking info, thus breaking through the feared gatekeeper and turning them into allies. The result? A 98% response rate. And the insurance company got $2 million in new sales from these producers, within 3 months!

And my favorite example: a company researched the profiles of 150 decision makers who were likely to attend a conference. The company bought a booth and created a bobble-head based on the LinkedIn photo of each decision maker. Then, they invited the decision makers to visit their booth and pick up their bobble-head. The result? 25% of the invited executives showed up, and the rest received their bobble-heads by mail – many of whom posted selfies with their bobble-heads on social media. The cost of the campaign was $15,000 and immediately generated a $70,000 sale!


The book is a catalog of “contact marketing” case studies, so you can find an idea that fits your target customer profile AND your ideal budget. If you have $15,000 that you were planning to spend on pay-per-click ads, perhaps shift the budget to an event and create some bobble-heads for executives at your ideal clients!

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Stu Heinecke

Book Author

Stu Heinecke is a bestselling business author, a hall of fame-nominated marketer and one of The Wall Street Journal cartoonists. In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone (2-2016), he introduced the world to “Contact Marketing,” which uses micro-focused campaigns to connect with critically-important accounts and prospects. Using the twenty categories of contact campaigns in the book, readers have gone on to produce explosive scaling of careers, businesses and lives. In Even More Outrageous Ways to Get a Meeting with Anyone (10-2019), Heinecke adds more techniques, tips and strategies, more than sixty illustrated case studies, an updated Contact Marketing model that sets a new baseline for response–at 100%–and introduces “Pocket Campaigns” as a replacement for business cards.

More about the author at stuheinecke.com