Learning a new skill: invest 100 hours in 10 different skills instead of 10,000 hours in 1 skill. Excerpt from “Noah Kagan presents” podcast episode 161 with Devin Stone


As said by Devin Stone…

I have never regretted sort-of leaning in to the things that are hard. It has always been the recipe for success.

And I think that dovetails with the sort of learning mindset too.
We often think about the Anders Ericsson “10,000 hours” rule where it’s: if you put in 10,000 hours of something, you’re likely to be a world class expert in that thing.

But I found that there’s sort of a “100 hour” rule, where: if you put in a 100 hours of something, you might not be a world class expert in that thing, but you’re passably good at that thing in a hundred hours.

You could learn almost anything in a way that would seem incomprehensible to someone who has not put any time into that thing.
I would almost say that most people should be putting a hundred hours into 10 or 15 or 20 different modes. And you never know how that success is going to come about…

Devin Stone

Devin Stone is a trial lawyer who focuses on all aspects of civil litigation.

When he’s not in court, Devin runs the world’s most popular legal YouTube channel: LegalEagle (youtube.com/legaleagle). LegalEagle’s mission is to breakdown the laws and legal issues that surround our everyday lives and bring legal literacy to the masses.

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