Do you ever feel like you don’t have control over your life, like you’re bouncing around from one situation to the next, helplessly reacting to what’s happening around you?  Without a clear plan and a framework to stick to it, it’s very easy – and quite common – to stray from how you actually WANT to live your life.

The big idea

That’s where “Exceptional Every Day” comes in.  The book is about thoughtfully planning your life using a framework the author calls: The Process.  Each chapter of the book covers one step of the Process, to help you figure out the right priorities in your life.

Such as: how to find your passion and inspiration, how and why to surround yourself with the right people, how to strike a balance between work and passion, and why make time for family and friends.

These are all stepping stones that are part of the Process to figure out HOW you want to live your life – your WHY – and then how to stay true to your north star.

How to achieve happiness

It all boils down to this: If you re-establish our priorities and figure out what really matters, you CAN live happily and achieve the success you want.  Not the success portrayed by media or what you THINK you want.

If you fall into THAT trap, it will be too easy to find excuses why others are more successful.  Stop looking at the celebrities and start focusing more on the real people around you.  See how THEY are happy and successful in their own way, and that will make the whole concept approachable and relatable.

Happiness and success doesn’t mean making millions or having the best stuff.  It can be rather simple in fact: care about your health and family, and find a job that gives YOU meaning.


The sobering truth is that unfortunately you CAN’T fix everything in your life, or decide what you want to get out of your life one day and it will happen.  It’s a journey, and things will change along the way, and you will get a detour or get sidetracked.  And that’s ok, as long as you keep in mind what’s most important to you and it pulls you in the right direction.

Follow the Process but be flexible and adjust.  You may move forward or have to take a detour, but ultimately design a life that means a lot to you.

So what REALLY matters to you?  Start with that and the book will act as a guide to get you a step closer.