A book by Alec Hanson “Bypassed”


“Bypassed” by Alec Hanson is a playbook to help local mortgage professionals build a world-class digital-first strategy to future-proof their businesses.

The Modern Consumer is starting their home search and home finance process online BEFORE talking to or engaging with local professionals. Right now, you have the MASSIVE opportunity to meet the customer first, where they are…online. Through digital marketing, podcasting, and of course VIDEO!

These new digital opportunities can feel overwhelming, scary, and uncomfortable, but they cannot be ignored.
And most importantly, mortgage lending can be fun again!
It doesn’t have to feel like you have to grind out sales anymore. There are thousands of ways to engage and support your digital community and you get to do it your own way!


A Mortgage Pro took Gary Vee’s advice and doubled-down on TikTok to educate his audience and bust myths about mortgages. He started making videos and memes, stayed consistent despite a slow build and criticism by colleagues… and now he has 1 million likes, getting thousands of views per video, and hundreds of leads through the comments.
I see mortgage pros starting podcasts, creating LIVE video series on Facebook, going all in on Instagram and the results? Life changing! They are taking control of their businesses and lead flow, and they are doing this by building and engaging with their digital communities.


So where can YOU get started?
What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies? What mortgage questions do you hear over and over again?
Maybe you should start a YouTube channel to add value to your audience or a Podcast to introduce your community to local businesses. Build those connections, allow your digital community to get to know, like, and trust you. And your business will explode organically.
You have to go through the uncomfortable transformation of how you think about your sales strategy. There is an incredible opportunity ahead of you if you’re willing to get vulnerable, get uncomfortable and get yourself out in front of the camera and in front of your digital community. When you do, you’ll realize you’re NOT selling anymore. You’re adding value, creating connections, providing educating, and building influence. And with influence your world will change and unbelievable opportunity will come!

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Alec Hanson

Book Author

Alec Hanson is a contemporary leader within the Mortgage Industry. Constantly striving to improve, he began his career in origination in 2004 funding over $85M and was named Rookie of the Year by Scotsman’s Guide. Every subsequent year Hanson landed on Scotsman’s Top 200 Originator list finishing his best year at $185M. From there Hanson began coaching and growing a successful branch network in Orange County with his peak year in 2010 funding over $1B at the branch level. Hanson has received HouseWire’s Rising Star award both in 2017 and 2019 and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Production for loanDepot for the Pacific Southwest Division overseeing approximately $4B in annual production. A dynamic coach and thought leader Hanson believes in leading and coaching within the trenches of the business, loves leading originators across the country, and is the author of loanDepot’s Modern Lending Playbook. A strategic and tactical tool designed to equip, train, and evolve the traditional mortgage professionals skill sets into the modern era. Alec is married to his beautiful wife of 14 years, Erica, and is the proud dad of Phoenix (8 years old) and Scarlett (5 years old). He can be found on IG rocking the #dadlife hashtag most nights and weekends.

More about the author at alechanson.com