A Book in Your Brain in 5 Minutes

We do the reading. You do the knowing.


Our business experts summarize books in a hand-crafted video format. So you can get the key insights of the best books in just 5 minutes.

Watch Peter Thiel's Zero to One

Video, Sketchnotes, or Text?

A new way to read books

By watching, instead of reading! We bring books to life in a micro-learning video format. Because we process and retain a lot more information that way.

Sketchnotes to refresh

Love the book? Print out the artist’s hand-drawn Sketchnotes to help you refresh your memory or share with friends.

Text to read on the go

Want the text? Now you can read-along while watching the video, or even on the go (print it out for your commute).

Check out recent stories we've brought to life.

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